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Penguin Craft 2020

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When Anvay Sanil isn’t playing Minecraft, coding, or creating with Legos, he’s writing fantastic fiction about Penguin Tim & Steve. In his first chapter book, Adventures of Penguin Tim & Steve, Anvay begins his journey into writing by creating fun, unique characters that go on wild, iceberg adventures together.

Anvay Sanil


When it comes to penguin friends, Tim & Steve are the best around! But when their iceberg starts melting, Steve follows the others and heads for more solid ground. This leaves Tim alone, with only his belief that things will get better and the iceberg will stop melting one day.


Thankfully for Tim, he was right. As the iceberg stops melting, more and more penguins return. But the only penguin that Tim wants to see is his best friend, Steve. After waiting and waiting, the two friends are finally reunited as Steve moves back to the berg. And that’s when the fun starts in Adventures of Penguin Tim & Steve.

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